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(Updated 1-18-07)
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FLU SEASON: Lysine and Vitamin C, at least 500 milligrams each per day as needed (not the lysine daily), has helped me avoid colds lasting a long time. When I've actually gotten a cold, I've tried anywhere from 1 to 4 lysine pills per day (500 mg each), making sure I've taken enough Vitamin C for that day, too.

I used to have chronic colds that would last from 2-3 weeks at a time, and was sick almost every month for several months, partly due to a thyroid problem that was lowering my immune system's resistance. Now, when I get sick, it might last only several hours, or a couple days, and once maybe over a week. But the chronic cough is gone, and the 2-3 week colds haven't come in several months. Now I now longer need the Lysine everyday, more like on an as-needed basis, and sometimes as a preventative when I'm around sick people.

I also cut back on dairy products and took a calcium and magnesium supplement as needed to help make up the difference. And when overdoing it have sometimes taken a nasal decongestant. But that alone didn't stop the colds for me, which is why I also took the other supplements.

I can't promise this will help as well for others. For someone who already has a lysine-rich diet, it probably wouldn't be noticeable. Have also heard of Thera-Flu and Zicam on tv, but haven't tried them.

(WARNING on Zicam. As of 1-07 a newspaper article said some people claimed they lost their sense of smell or received some nasal damage from it.) If you try Zicam's oral medication that may have the mineral zinc in it, this would probably be safer. Zinc in small amounts is supposed to help boost the immune system.

Part of the problem with colds, in my case, was thyroid related. When a person has a problem with an underactive thyroid, it can lower the body temperature. Then the toxins and bacteria don't get burned off as well, according to what I heard a naturopathic doctor say on tv. The lysine is supposed to help boost the immune system to fight bacteria and viruses, by helping the body product antibodies. So it can help the body to help itself.

Lysine can also be found in red meat, poultry, sardines, cheese, nuts, eggs, legumes, protein powder supplements, spirulina, etc.

You can also see Dr. Rath's links, which will also mention Lysine and C, and Dr. Pauling's link. Dr. Rath's Foundation has also been doing research with Lysine to right cancer, with good results. It might also work for some people during allergy season, as it has helped me reduce the symptoms.