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(Updated 1-30-07)

  • Study of melanoma and vitamin D deficiency.

    From cancerprev.org, a study on Vitamin C and melanoma.

  • Melanoma and skin treatments including Vitamin C.

  • Cancer answers site.

  • Jerry Golden's winning fight against formerly terminal bladder cancer.

  • More on Jerry's cancer fight.

  • Searched vitamin e cream for melanoma", click here for entries.

  • QUOTES from article on skin cancer: "The sun has taken a lot of blame for our increased rates of skin cancers (along with the depletion of the ozone layer), but research uncovered by Dr. David G. Williams [Alternatives, April 1993; 4: 22] shows that the sun might not be the culprit, and hiding from the sun by using sunscreens can not only increase your chances of skin cancer, but it can increase your chances of all sorts of problems by interfering with vitamin D synthesis."

    "From the a few practitioners in the Wellness Directory of Minnesota™, we have discovered another contributor to our rise in skin cancer rates: trans fatty oils or as they are commonly referred to: Partially Hydrogenated Oils. It’s hard to believe that our hospitals are still serving margarine as a safe alternative to butter. The trans fatty oils in margarine (the industry is escalating their use as we write this: frozen foods, cocoas, breads and pastries, canned processed foods, cream soups, and the list goes on;..."

    "Dr Budwig feels that for a free flow of nutrients to your cells and elimination of toxins, your body needs the supersaturated fatty acids (Omega-3 oils) bound to protein (especially bound to protein if your liver is weak)...."

    "Then how do you protect against the damaging effects of sunlight? Beta carotene and vitamin C seem to give us some protection. Hats and extra (light) clothing will help. And from Dr Williams’s research, you can make a sunscreen from vitamin C. Using vitamin C crystals (note probably in ascorbic acid form); (the buffered types don’t seem to work), make a 10% solution and spray it on 10 to 15 minutes before going into the sun, and continue to apply it liberally...."

    "Trienelle is a new skin cream designed to stop aging and prevent skin cancer. It is a vitamin E cream, but unlike most vitamin E products that are made up solely of alpha-tocopherol, this product is made from mixed tocopherols and another form of vitamin E: tocotrenols...."

    "Trinelle is a quality product using the most expensive ingredients. Melatonin to heal damaged skin, reishi and versicolor mushroom extracts to boost the immune system, Alpha-hydroxy acids from bilberry, maple, orange, and lemon which help slough off dead skin (and prevent fine lines and wrinkles), and Matrixl which helps rebuild deteriorating collagen (and reduces deep wrinkles by 68% over a six month period)."

    "Trienelle is available through Aspen Benefits Group, 7950 Meadowlark Way #E, Coeur d'Alene, ID 83815, phone: 877.432.7891."

    (NOTE: Jason Naturals sells 2 types of vitamin E cream, one has 5000 units and the other has 25,000 units. I like the 5000 unit one, it's excellent quality and has partly certified organic ingredients. Locally we have it available, and it's also sold in a good number of health stores. The price is not high either..

  • Alternative Cancer net QUOTES: "Oncotox®, Haelan 951®, Carctol®, Graviola, Essiac®, Oncolyn®, Cell Mend®, Cesium Chloride and Pau-d-Arco are just a few popular, all-natural substitutes for highly toxic chemotherapy. There are more. Oncotox® alone has a 25 year history. Protocel® over 30. Essiac®, 75...This is a sample of the little-known, hard-to-find information you'll find in the downloadable Beginner's Guide available on page two."

    QUOTES: "Cancer's Grim Rise in the USA alone: 2004: 1 in 3 *, 1980: 1 in 7, 1950: 1 in 12, 1900: 1 in 100** The drugs-and-surgery medical system has had 100 years to conquer cancer and has failed. Many say we are long overdue for an alternative approach. (The understatement of the century!)"

  • Questions and answers from Dr. Perricone and skin cancer. QUOTES from Dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone: "Melanoma is a big problem - and growing. Just to put it into perspective: in 1938, 1 in 10,000 people got melanoma. Today, it's 1 in 93.”

  • Dr. Perricone's site.

  • From Skin Inc., skin health, skin cancers, vitamin E, etc.

  • eHealth forum and melanoma.

  • Clinical evidence site, requires membership.

  • The Oncologist site. Check the bottom half of their web page, QUOTES: "Diet can be protective. Last year, the US National Institutes of Health concluded that people whose diets feature "foods rich in vitamin D and carotenoids (vitamin A-like substances found in deeply coloured fruits and vegetables)" also have a low risk of developing melanoma."

    "If you must use a sun cream (for instance, if you need to be outdoors for prolonged periods of time) choose one that contains a physical sun block such as zinc oxide or titanium oxide, which works by reflecting UV radiation away from the skin. On current evidence, these are safer than chemical sunscreens, which absorb UV, thus keeping it nearer the skin."

    "...There is some evidence that natural ingredients, such as plant oils and vitamins E and C, may enhance the ability of skin cells to repair cellular and DNA damage caused by UV exposure...."

  • Searched "vitamin e cream for melanoma". Click here for entries.

  • Skin cancer advice site.

  • Searched for "melanoma, remedy". Click here for entries.